A downloadable game for Windows

Your goal is to keep up your speed and complete each course as quick as you can! 

Send your best times and clips to me on discord! Danny_Mac#6641 I would love to see what you are all getting up to! Also let me know if there are any issues. 

 Please find as many exploits as you can, I want to see this game get broken I am interested how fast these courses can actually be completed. Good Luck Have Fun <3

This game was made for the charity Mind over 3 days on twitch, please consider taking part in the #StreamForMind challenges or donating to my just giving page I did for this game!


Install instructions

Simply unzip the folder somewhere and run Momentum.exe

Getting this?


Couldn't start: 'C/  blah blah blah'

Create Process() returned 2

Make sure you have extracted the zip somewhere on your PC, this error will appear if you try to run through the zip.

Windows Defender popup?

Just press 'more info' in the bottom left and hit and 'run anyway', its just because Microsoft is suss of software it hasn't heard of. I promise its not a virus haha.

Requesting public and private access?

Just press ALT+TAB to minimise the game so you can press allow and then you can click the unreal logo on your task bar to go back into the game

!!!PB’s are not saved so make sure to note them down between play sessions!!!


Momentum.zip 486 MB

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